AI for Perfecting Quran Recitation

Tarteel is a Quran application that listens to your recitation and corrects mistakes. The name tarteel comes from the Quran itself, where God commands us to "recite the Quran with Tarteel (slow, measured, rhythmic tones)" (73:4).

Tarteel leverages the latest technology in AI and Machine Learning (ML) to perform speech recognition and analyze recitations. To power our ML algorithms, we require a large and diverse dataset of reciters from all around the world to contribute their recitations. The more submissions the algorithm gets, the more accurate it becomes.

Our goal is to support and serve our Imams and Institutions that seek to teach Muslims how to read the words of Allah - SWT - and to provide those with limited access to Imams and Sheikhs a means of maintaining their relationship with Allah - SWT - and his book.

Why are we collecting recitations?

We started Tarteel as an initiative to collect the world’s first and largest open-source dataset of Quranic recitations carried out by ordinary Muslims. Most of the available audio of the Quran being recited is from professional reciters with strong fluency in tajweed (rules of recitation) and is recorded in studios. This is valuable when someone wants to listen to a professional recitation of the Quran.

However, many software tools that Muslim developers are interested in building require training machine learning models on Quranic recitation (e.g. to convert recitation2text), as it is recited by ordinary Muslims. The recitation of ordinary Muslims differs from professional recordings in many ways: for example, it may include background noise, or may be recited by people with limited knowledge of tajweed, or the demographics of reciters may be different. By collecting this data, we can train machine learning models, which we will release to software developers who are interested in developing a wide variety of applications that are based on recitation2text, things like:

  • Hifz helping tools that automatically correct mistakes
  • Tajweed teaching tools in a similar vein
  • Masjid kiosks that follow the imam and display the translation of the verse

Our progress to date



Are the verses that are being recited varied?

To build good machine learning models, it helps to have people recite different verses from across the entire Quran. We're measuring how well we've covered the Qur'an and these are our stats so far:


The Tarteel Team

Abdellatif AbdelfattahEngineer at Twitter
Abdullah BudeirAssociate at Bain & Co.
Abdulrahman AlfozanEngineer at Facebook
Ahmed ElabdMarketing at Mundipharma
Ahmed HusseinEngineer at Tarteel
Anas Abou AllabanEngineer at Amazon
Aqeel MohammadPrincipal at EMPIRE
Dina AtiaIntern at Tarteel
Hamzah KhanEngineer at Uber ATG
Fahim DalviResearcher at QCRI
Marwa AbdulhaiCS student at MIT
Mohamed MoussaEngineer at Facebook
Zeshan GondalStrategy at Yale
Amr ElfassBoard Member at ISB
Basyouny NehelaPresident of Boston Islamic Seminary BIS

What is Tarteel's privacy policy?

The users who provide Tarteel with audio recordings of their recitations also provide a valuable trust to our team. In protect their privacy, while at the same time, creating a public dataset to be released to developers, we take the steps laid out in our privacy policy.

Where can I learn more about Tarteel?

For more information, please check out our white paper.

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